During the Covid-19 OUtbreak

As with so many other places of worship and business, Cairn’s building is currently closed. We are still connected as a community online as we continue to meet, worship and serve the community.


Our worship has moved to a Zoom platform. If you would like to participate in worship as a guest please contact us at info@cairnchristian.com and we will ensure you receive the information you need. We will also be posting our recorded zoom worships on the Our Worship page.


Blessings to all of you. We hope you will visit us when this crisis is past.

We will be having a Grand Re-Opening of our building and will begin to hold Hybrid Worship on September 12! We hope you will join us as we begin to hold in-person worship

Visit Us

What to Expect from Our Zoom Worship

Our worship has moved to Zoom during the pandemic. We welcome guests and have had guests from across the US and a few from abroad too. Contact us at info@cairnchristian.com to join us as a guest.


The waiting room will open at 9:55 and you will be admitted by our host.


We greet each other and then preludes begin at 10:00 as the congregation continues to gather.


The worship includes recorded music and hymns by our many gifted musicians, readings by our Elders and members, a sermon by our pastor, slide shows of images relevant to our seasonal theme or current events, a time with our children, sharing our joys and concerns as a community, and sharing in communion.


We end worship with community time, either in one large group or in smaller break out rooms.


We use the various functions of Zoom to enhance our worship including:

  • the use of the waiting room for security reasons

  • keeping all people muted unless they are called on by the host

  • the chat box to share greetings or to ask for help with technical difficulties

  • the raise hand function when we share with each other


Please join us!

While we continue to worship online due to COVID-19, we hope that you'll be able to visit us in person soon!

Our address is 1700 Stonehenge Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026.

We are located just off of the corner of Highway 287 and Arapahoe Rd in Boulder County. Surrounding towns include Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, Broomfield, Longmont, Boulder, Superior, and Westminster.

Infants, Children & Youth

We welcome children into our worship. There is a children’s moment, early in the service. Following this time the children are invited to return to you or to attend our Children’s Worship downstairs (for ages 3-10). All staff and volunteers at Cairn have had background checks. Younger children (2 and under) may go to our nursery off of Community Hall if you so choose. The children return to the Sanctuary in time to participate with their parents in communion.

We have a Cry Room in our current worship space. You may use this if you or your child need some quiet space or if your child is particularly fussy. Please also know that the noises of our children are part of worship, not a distraction from it, and you and your child are welcome to remain in worship together.  You will often see our children dancing and twirling in the labyrinth in our Sanctuary.

Communion & Passing of the Peace

An important part of worship in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is our practice of weekly communion. Each week we reenact the meal Jesus shared with his disciples and remember all the meals that Jesus ate as a sign of hospitality and openness. For us, this meal is a place of grace, community, unity, justice and hope. All people are invited to participate in this meal regardless of age, baptism or membership, and you will notice even our youngest children participating in this important part of our life together. Our bread is gluten free and our cup contains grape juice.

Finally, at the end of worship, we share a sign of peace with one another : a handshake or hug and some form of the words “Peace be with you.”  We believe that peace, justice and reconciliation are our primary tasks in the world and that this work begins each week in our own hearts and in our own relationships.


What to expect on Sunday Morning

  9:00-9:30 am Band/Choir Practice and Meditation Time

  9:30-10:00 am Coffee and gathering

10:00-11:15 am Worship

11:15-11:40 am Coffee and conversation

11:40-12:30 pm Adult education, youth group

(child care provide for younger children)

There is no dress code at Cairn Christian Church. We are an informal congregation and we invite you to be yourself. When you arrive on Sunday morning, you will be greeted at the door. To your right is Community Hall, where we gather after worship for coffee, snacks and a time to visit. To your left is the entrance into our Sanctuary. Our Order of Worship is printed in a bulletin with instructions about the various aspects of worship and information about our congregation. The greeters will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

As you enter the Sanctuary you will often hear bluegrass music, flute, violin, saxophone, clarinet, piano and organ. You will see children carrying forward candles to place on the cairn at the front. And you will hear the ringing of a Tibetan singing bowl. During worship you will also experience a sermon, responsive readings, prayers, scripture, hymns and organ music and a choir, all of which we trust can lead us to a place of reflection and hope.

Worship, Coffee & Conversation & Education Hour

Worship lasts about 75 minutes and is followed by coffee and conversation. During the school year, at 11:45 we offer an Education “Hour” which is actually 45 minutes. There is a class for Adults and child-care for younger children. Our youth (grades 6+) are invited to Youth Group where they have conversation and prayer or Bible study, and time for fun!