During the Covid-19 OUtbreak

As with so many other places of worship and business, Cairn’s building is currently closed. We are still connected as a community online as we continue to meet, worship and serve the community.


Our worship has moved to a Zoom platform. If you would like to participate in worship please contact us at info@cairnchristian.com and we will ensure you receive the information you need. We will also be posting our recorded zoom worships on the Our Worship page.


Blessings to all of you. We hope you will visit us when this crisis is past.

We will be having a Grand Re-Opening of our building and will begin to hold Hybrid Worship on September 12! We hope you will join us as we begin to hold in-person worship

Our Worship

Due to the length of our worship videos, they may take a minute or two to load. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you enjoy worshiping with us in this way.

If you would like to worship with us live, contact us at info@cairnchristian.com

Please note our children are involved in our weekly worship, but we do not include these recordings in our videos to protect their safety. 

Worship 7.25.2021

Worship 7.18.2021

Worship 7.11.2021

Worship 7.4.2021

Worship 6.27.2021

Worship 6.20.2021

Worship 6.13.2021

Worship 6.6.2021


Our Summer Season:

Ordinary Time



Our Liturgy

The liturgy is the order of worship we use each Sunday in worship.  It changes seasonally but will usually include:

  • the ringing of Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • all children bringing candles to place on our cairn

  • children participating in communion

  • children dancing and twirling on the labyrinth

  • a message for our children

  • every Sunday sharing bread (always gluten free) and juice (or water for those with allergies) to remember the centrality of the meals Jesus shared with friend and stranger during his ministry and his final meal with the disciples

  • prayer stations, movement, hands on activities are often part of our worship, sometimes in the outdoor baptistry area

  • sharing our joys and concerns as a community

  • music by our choir, our band, soloists or small ensembles

  • traditional and not-so-traditional hymns and songs, all with progressive theology and inclusive language

  • prayers, litanies, scripture, other readings and sermon

  • the Lord’s Prayer or sometimes what we call the Disciple’s Prayer, when our members write the Lord’s Prayer in language that is more accessible for today


Our Liturgy


Seasonal Worship

Seasonal Worship

Each season (summer, winter, spring and fall) we create a new liturgy based around a theme chosen and explored by a small group at Cairn.  Recent themes have been “These Walls Will Fall”, “Heaven to Earth: Its Complicated”, “Being Disciples”, “Campfire Community”, “Lift Up Your Voice”, “Earthen Vessels: Spirit Filled”, “Rooted and Growing”, “Pilgrimage of Hope: Journeying with the Stranger”, “Leaf by Leaf”, “Finding the Holy in Emptiness”, “Illuminate”.


Our Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary

We can set up our sanctuary in the round, encircling the hand painted labyrinth, or with our pews facing the front.  Each Seasonal Group decides on the configuration and on the set up and decoration to match the theme.  In this way our space, our theme and our liturgy work together to impact us holistically, body, mind and spirit as we seek connection, meaning, inspiration, comfort and healing.


Always present are the cairn, the cross, the welcome table for communion, the pulpits for reading and preaching, candles, singing bowls and the labyrinth, each one an important Christian symbol or symbol specific to the Cairn community.  We also use our screens to display images, artwork, symbols and color to enhance our worship experience.  Our baptistry is for immersion baptism or sprinkling and is located outside, through the glass doors at the front of our sanctuary.


Due to the length of our worship videos, they may take a minute or two to load. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you enjoy worshiping with us in this way.

If you would like to worship with us live, contact us at info@cairnchristian.com

Our Winter Season: Advent & Epiphany

Worship 2.14.2021

Worship 2.7.2021

Worship 1.31.2021

Worship 1.24.2021

Worship 1.17.2021

Worship 1.10.2021

Worship 1.3.2021

Worship 12.27.2020

Christmas Eve Worship 12.24.2020

Worship 12.20.2020

Worship 12.13.2020

Worship 12.6.2020

Worship 11.29.2020

Our Autumn Season:

 Kick-Off & Thanksgiving

Worship 11.22.2020

Worship 11.15.2020

Worship 11.8.2020

Worship 11.1.2020

Worship 10.25.2020

Worship 10.18.2020

Worship 10.11.2020

Worship 10.4.2020

Worship 9.27.2020

Worship 9.20.2020

Worship 9.13.2020


Our Spring Season:

Lent & Eastertide

Worship 5.30.2021

Pentecost Worship 5.23.2021

Worship 5.16.2021

Worship 5.9.2021

Worship 5.2.2021

Worship 4.25.2021

Worship 4.18.2021

Worship 4.11.2021

Easter Sunday Worship 4.4.2021

Palm Sunday Worship 3.28.2021

Worship 3.21.2021

Worship 3.14.2021

Worship 3.7.2021

Worship 2.28.2021

Worship 2.21.2021

Ash Wednesday 2.17.2021