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Cairn understands giving holistically

As God’s people we are stewards of all aspects of life. We give of our financial resources to support our faith community and we also give our time and talent. As good stewards we want to manage all of our resources wisely and responsibly. We are concerned about social consequences, about justice, about responsible use of the earth and its resources.


Stewardship of Cairn’s financial resources means gifts from many work together to carry out our mission. In these challenging times of social separation, we may remember the blessings of our community of faith through giving.

Ways to Give



Checks can be sent to our mailbox at 1700 Stonehenge Dr. Lafayette, CO 80026 (our mail box at church is very secure and will be checked weekly)

Give electronically using the links on this page.

You can also use mobile giving on a phone or a tablet at


Cairn has established an electronic giving account with This service provides for secure giving. Givers establish an account with and set their payment method(s).

Things to know about is secure. Your payment methods will not be stored on Cairn’s website.


fees for using

eCheck giving (ACH): 1% of gift + $0.30 per transaction

Card (debit/credit) giving: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction


Givers may choose to cover the service fee. This option is turned on by default. Uncheck the box to disable.

Example using eCheck (direct withdrawal)

  • $200 gift

  • Fee: 1% + 0.30 = $2.30

  • Using a giver’s bank account will be charged $202.30. Gift credit will be $202.30. Cairn receives $200

  • Without cover fee, gift credit will be $200. Cairn receives $197.70.

Card donation example

  • $200 gift

  • Fee: 2.9% + 0.30 = $6.10.

  • Donation with fee included: $206.10.

  • High rewards cards such as American Express have higher fees.

eCheck is more economical and for regular gifts eCheck reflects better stewardship.



Recurring Giving. Givers may also set up recurring giving so a regular donation is made on a particular day of the month. Givers may choose other intervals. Recurring gifts are a great way to make sure gifts are made automatically helping Cairn manage its bills.


Mobile Giving: install the native Android or Apple native app on your phone or tablet. In your device’s store (Apple Store or Play Store) search for (Your Giving, Inc). Do not choose church app

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