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Being Community

Cairn Christian Church is committed to loving our kids, helping them grow, and teaching them how to be a disciple of Christ. We have a Family Ministries team, dedicated to planning events and curriculum for our kids. Our entire community is designed to not only be kid friendly, but to be a place where kids are a part of all we do. Because we love our kids at Cairn, we keep them safe by keeping their pictures off of the internet. Some of the ways our kids and youth are involved are as follows:

  • Candles on the Cairn – all children and youth are invited to help carry a candle (real for older children and LED for younger) to place on our cairn at the beginning of worship

  • Children’s Moment – children are invited forward during the service for a story or lesson before they leave for Nursery and Children’s Worship

  • Nursery – during worship and education hour children 5 and under learn to play together and become friends

  • Children’s Worship – during worship children 5-10 hear stories, do crafts and play games that teach them about the faith in age appropriate ways

  • Children and Communion – we believe that children should be welcomed at the table regardless of age or baptism since Jesus welcomed children and welcomed all people to his meals

  • Youth Group – after worship every Sunday from September to May, alternating between Chi Rho (Middle School) and CYF (High School), youth gather for a time to build relationships and have fun as they explore scriptural, ethical and theological topics relevant to them

  • Youth Events – fun events and outings are planned throughout the year and especially in the summer

  • Summer Camps – the opportunity for children and youth to attend summer camps, run by our denominational region at La Foret in the Black Forest

Children and Youth

At Cairn we are committed to being a space where people can interact across generations, and being a space where all are welcome, regardless of age. Some of the ways we honor this commitment are as follows:

  • Special Events – celebrations throughout the year for all ages to have fun together such as a Halloween Party, an Ice Cream Social, Gingerbread House making, PRIDE events, joining the MLK March, an Easter Egg Hunt, our Kickoff Sunday and Thanksgiving Lunch

  • At various times we have had a Parent's Night Out Coop and a Dinner for Eight ministry. 


Our Adult ministries are extensive, and we welcome all who would like to join us for any of these events!

  • Young Adults – who meet monthly for games, meals, community and discussion

  • Education Hour – after worship most Sundays from September to May with a wide variety of topics often connected to the worship theme

  • Bible Study – a midweek group that explores the text in its historical and literary context and its living applications

  • Book Group – a small group that meet roughly every six weeks to discuss a variety of books from fiction to non-fiction to poetry to religious

  • New Women – a group of women that meet for sharing and discussion over breakfast or lunch once a month

  • Band - Anyone who plays an instrument is welcome at this small group that meets twice a month to explore a wide variety of music for worship

  • Anyone who sings is welcome to join our choir which meets weekly from September to May

  • Elders are members (of all ages) who are recognized and chosen to act as the spiritual leaders of the congregation and meet monthly for mutual care, exploration of spiritual disciplines and sharing in the care of members of Cairn

  • Seasonal Groups – the groups that are formed to plan worship are more than committees as they explore deeply together a topic that they feel will lead to learning and spiritual development for the whole congregation

  • Visioning is a group that is always looking to the horizon, exploring where we are going, what we are dreaming and planning the steps to get there

  • Committees, Task Forces and Teams – we have a variety of small groups that connect around very specific tasks and ministries such as our Green Team, Marketing Team, Tech Team, Family Ministries, Property, Visitation, Pastoral Relations, and Hospitality

  • Board and Trustees – these are the leaders that care for the institutional side of our congregational life – primarily financial and legal and who build relationships through their monthly meeting


If you are in crisis, please contact Charisa or our Elder Chair. Here are some of the ministries we do have for those who are in need:

  • Prayer Ministry – sign up to receive weekly prayer updates and join a group of people that lift our community up in prayer daily

  • Visitation and Food Ministry – visit members who are home bound or in hospital and bring food to members who have just had a baby, a loss or a health crisis

In Times of Need


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